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The Tsunami of Freedom is here

  Yesterday morning the ACT used hundreds of officers to remove us from our first camp. They brought tow trucks, riot police and a bear ...
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The Day the Australian Flag Became the Yellow Star

We set this image up. The day before we had stood before the doors of Parliament with all our flags and banners and t-shirts with ...
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The Rise of the Free Hug Army

I read a piece by Mattias Desmet, a professor of clinical psychiatry,  who studied the psychology of totalitarianism. In it he states that when it ...
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The Immortal Beauty of the Stubborn Moths.

  Whenever I’m at a campfire, at night, I’m always intrigued by why the moths fly into the flames. All of this darkness to live ...
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Happiness in a time of Covid

The Landscape has changed. She lived on a farm in a back road of Warrnambool. In the city, her vast front yard would have been ...
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The Steps of Solace

Three times he walked past, mask on as if he was racing somewhere he was late for, before he stopped on the edge of the ...
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