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The Rise of the Free Hug Army

I read a piece by Mattias Desmet, a professor of clinical psychiatry,  who studied the psychology of totalitarianism. In it he states that when it comes to Mass Psychosis, 30% are lost 30% are not hypnotised and 40% are in the middle, and that they will lean towards the strongest side in a desire to …

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Happiness in a time of Covid

The Landscape has changed. She lived on a farm in a back road of Warrnambool. In the city, her vast front yard would have been a small park with a playground, or dozens of units, whereas here, visible to only one neighbour who was driving past, she was cutting the grass on her ride on …

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The Steps of Solace

Three times he walked past, mask on as if he was racing somewhere he was late for, before he stopped on the edge of the steps, where a man, who often came and sat on these steps, the steps of parliament, asked him if he was ok. My whole family has turned against me, the …

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The Siege of The Shrine

Stop making me do this, he said as he pounded my head into the ground with his plastic shield. Stop making me do this. I’m not making you do it, I said, though I don’t know if he heard me above all the yelling and screaming. Next to me, Giuseppe Grasso an Italian man, short …

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Two Marches Down the Yarra

Several of the police officers hold video cameras on monopod tripods. If you watch the streaming video of those independent journalists who are trying to record what is actually happening in Melbourne, you will see how truly dedicated these officers are as they work to capture the faces of these fleeing activists. No doubt somewhere, …

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That Spreading Tone

I had a message in Café Locked Out’s inbox. Call this man, now. He was in South Africa. I had a name and the name of the group he was with, and since we were about to do a show full of international guests, I decided, despite the fact it was almost midnight here, to …

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