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The Deplorables Epic Tour

Café LockedOut on the Road

The Goal

To circumnavigate the country in order to embolden people wanting freedom by spreading the Hope of Epic Camp.
After all the lockdowns, border closures & mandates who are we now as a country and as a culture?

Michael, from Cafe Locked Out, in Charlotte The Truthbug, will attempt to circumnavigate the continent, to interview Australians everywhere, while protesting against the crippling Mandates and spreading the joyous hope of Epic Camp.

Our plan is to set up camp around 3pm each day and invite people from the local area to join us and share their stories, pains, hopes and courage.

First stop Colac, Second stop Portland. With a plan to eventually reach Canberra.

If you would like to join us in a convoy, either for a few hours, a day or longer, please get in touch or meet us on the road.

Michael Gray Griffith
Cafe Locked Out

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