Whenever I’m at a campfire, at night, I’m always intrigued by why the moths fly into the flames. All of this darkness to live in, to hide in, and yet here they are, trying to reach a light that eventually, or inevitably singes their wings until, unable fly they are forever lost in the ash.

~Michael Gray Griffith

Dr Paul Oosterhuis, ( he’s not allowed to call himself a doctor, but they can’t stop us calling him what he is) was due to fly back to Melbourne, when I pitched the idea that he stay one more day and along with another former Doctor, Doctor Hobart, come with our small production team to visit Dr Denes Borsos, a GP in Colac, who was finally ready to throw his career away, in order to speak.


Dr Borsos became flash-famous when he started handing out exemptions to anyone who turned up at his surgery.

He never publicized the fact that he was doing this, and in the documentary he will explain why he believes what he was doing was legally correct. But because people were so desperate, the news of what he was doing spread through the entire state like a wildfire of whispers. In the attached podcast you will hear a recant of what it was like to be there on the day the police were sent in to shut him down.

By the time the authorities arrived in force, there were over three hundred vehicles parked on either side of the long road that leads to his country practice, and both the driveway, the carpark and the surgery were full of people needing an exemption. Some had driven for over six hours to acquire one and in the long line, that Dr Oosterhuis christened ‘The road of Hope,’ there were, among others, counsellors, nurses, paramedics and police.

One of these three Doctors, and I won’t reveal who, told us how one of his previous patients had a senior position at APHRA. They told him they hated the mandates and what APHRA was doing but couldn’t afford to lose the work. The reason they had come to see him was that they were suffering from an adverse reaction to the covid vaccination. Fatigue, headaches etc. To help, our Doctor prescribed Ivermectin. Studies show that Ivermectin allows zinc to enter your cells where it inhibits intracellular proteins that help viruses multiply in our cells. It’s stated that it can also helps with adverse reactions.

This was only one of several amazing truths our team would be privy to.

All three Doctors had lost their careers for living up to their Hippocratic oath. All three Doctors were now portrayed, by our mainstream media, as enemies of the state.

Dr Mark Hobart

As we drove home, yawning and chatting and listening to Steve’s second CD, he only as two, Elvis and an 80’s Croatian punk band, Damien kept talking about the moments we had uncovered and nailed. It was like a new fire had been ignited inside of this Artist, who, by just being himself and following the voice in his soul was well on his way to become a folk hero.

Around us, night was falling.

A short time ago I had walked away from all the dreams I had worked for that were, at that time, coming true. For the Art World had pulled me aside and told me that if I wanted to reach my dreams, which included having the esteemed Director Bruce Beresford direct one of my plays, then I’d have to shut up.

Now, half asleep in the rear of this speeding people mover I was the Producer for this growing and competent team, who were working together to capture these untold stories. It felt like we were War Correspondents, constantly improving as we all found our niche according to our strengths. A band of brothers, who, as the Kilometres passed were laughing. And laughing despite the gob smacking truths we had been witness to, or the awful truths that were shared with us. We laugh so often it’s as though laughter was the tonic the God’s gifted us in order to allow us to bear the unbearable. Like this one open wound of a truth we had heard about just that day.

 It was the story of a woman whose adult daughter was pregnant with her first child. This young mother wasn’t vaxxed because she didn’t want to risk it affecting her baby. Tragically, at twenty-two weeks the baby died inside of her and she had to go into hospital to give birth not to a future of love but a corpse. A funeral-birth where the hospital wouldn’t allow the girl’s mother in, even though that woman was doubled jabbed. The hospital had a policy, ‘no visitors,’ based on the fact that the fully vaccinated can still spread Covid. And in that hospital, on that day, not one single person found the empathetic courage, to stand up against the system and state,

“This is wrong. This young mum needs her mother. Now look in a mirror, remember that we are carers, and let her in.”

Doctor Denes Borsos

A dark cloud of evil, masquerading as a plump summer cloud has rolled over our country. And as beneath it, the houses, whose mortgages were being used to enslave the people, switched on their lights, I knew that we were not War Correspondents. We were instead a small and active part of the resistance. A group of Freedom fighters whose future was so uncertain, it was not worth betting on, and whose only weapons, were a determination to capture the uncomfortable truth, and the ability to live well in the moment and laugh.

And we are at war. And if you aren’t aware of that, they won’t care, they will still come for you. And while I’m not sure who it is we are ultimately besieged by we know that it is a War on Love. A term coined by my comrade, Damien Richardson, the Lion Heart. And for our own reasons, our group, who a short time ago had never met, have all chosen a side.

It is the side without deep pockets. The side without the political and judicial power. It is the side that the mainstream media, appears to be often actively working against.

The Side of Love.

The Team

And it’s such a worthy side that even if we lose, and even vanish, I have no regrets for I have one truth they can’t steal. Inside my soul I know that I am meant to be half asleep in the rear of this van, listening to Croatian Punk, as we are being driven back to the battle ground, a place that was once so cool and inclusive it was kept winning the global award for the World’s most livable City. A place that now, around the world, people who value freedom, talk about with great concern. Melbourne.

Michael Gray Griffith

Images Michael Gray Griffith