Cafe Locked Out

A Growing & Passionate Community Of People who Value Free Speech

Café Locked Out was born when Playwright, Michael Gray Griffith was cancelled by the theatre world for publicly stating that he would not segregate audiences, stating that segregation was a cancer for a culture’s soul.

With so many people who were questioning the covid narrative, being censored and vilified, basically portrayed as the problem, Michael began recording the stories of these people, collectively known by one side as the Freedom Tribe, by ‘the other side’ as Anti Vaxxers.

On his travels around the country, he has recorded thousands of interviews, collating an alternative view of the pandemic to MSM (Main Stream Media).

Since then Café Locked Out has evolved into a hub for other similar minded podcasters, like Robyn from Courage is the Cure, Tom Vogal and The WTF boys, The Cardi Gals, Leon Kofmansky, and Mark Batts from North Queensland Freedom Network.

Constantly shadow banned and censored, CLO’s facebook page just copped a ten year restriction ban. They are also banned from youtube and now Instagram is giving them issues.    

Yet still they keep going, navigating now to the last bastions of online freespeech, X (Formally Twitter) and Rumble.

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Our mission is to create a crystal-clear living and workspace that supports your physical health and emotional well-being.


Survival Seeds was formed with the ethos of inspiring people from all walks of life to begin the journey of growing their own food.


We are a small family-based natural skincare business in Broome, Western Australia

Café Locked Out is attempting to migrate from a community funded platform to a business,
unfortunately, due to constant censorship and our own Government’s subversive suppression of Free Speech,
this is very difficult, for most businesses are frightened of being censored themselves.

So, for now if you are able to support us, every little bit helps to keep Café Locked Out’s Community alive.