Cafe Locked Out
Your Shelter in Their Storm

Australia has plants that need something brutal to happen in order for them to germinate . . . Fire. Drive through a burnt forest a few months after the flames have passed and below the blackened trees that will be standing there like gravestones, you’ll find a new dawn of bright, green leaves.

Come back in a year and these shoots will have become the architects of their new forest.
Covid was our culture’s great fire, and you, the freedom movement, in all its forms, are busily establishing yourselves, and thanks to your ever-growing determination, resilience and ingenuity, our future could be yours to create.
From my long observations of you all, I believe that you are architects of the new Australia.   

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Daniel Graham Weiss



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Our greatest enslaver is silence. Our greatest liberator is Freedom Of Speech and the courage to use it.
Cafe Locked Out, travelling the country to record brave Australian Voices.
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Every $ donated will go towards petrol, and costs associated with keeping this powerful platform online.
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